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Signs Your Girl Wants An Engagement Ring

Signs Your Girl Wants An Engagement Ring

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How do you know when it’s time to get that diamond ring and propose? Be on the lookout for these five indicators that she’s eager for you to propose. You may be thinking that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level if you’ve been together for a while. But how can you tell whether your partner is ready to settle down? After all, nothing is more damaging to a relationship than a failed proposal.

Statistics may not be on your side, however. It’s a prevalent misconception that men are less willing to commit, yet studies indicate that guys fall in love and desire long-term relationships equally as much as women. And if you are a girl wanting to propose to your guy, then Raffini Jewellers has mens wedding rings platinum. Now let us discuss the signs your girl wants an engagement ring.

Wedding Rings and Dresses abound in her Pinterest account

Your partner’s Pinterest account is a terrific way to not just see what she’s interested in right now, but also to get a sense of her particular style and taste. If you want to surprise her with a ring and need some assistance picking out the appropriate design, this will come in helpful!

Some women begin wedding planning before receiving an engagement ring by establishing Pinterest boards with photos of wedding décor and reception sites, wedding and bridesmaid outfits, and engagement jewellery. If your girlfriend has already begun her preparations, you may need to begin thinking about the ring you will purchase as well!

It is also a great idea to keep eye on her social accounts. She might be following wedding planners, or she might have joined Facebook groups for brides.

She goes to jewellery stores to “window shop.”

If your girlfriend is expecting you to propose, she’s almost certainly already fantasising about her engagement ring. When you’re out shopping with her, if she lingers outside jewellery store windows, asks to go in “just for a look,” or makes comments about what ring types she loves, she’s most likely hinting that she wants you to propose. Another sign that she’s thinking about the perfect proposal is her browsing of jewellery stores on the internet. She may also join email lists for jewellers or follow them on social media. Keep an eye out for jewellery catalogues in the mail, especially if she begins to circle certain ring designs!

She Appear to Be Obsessed With Other People’s Weddings

Is your girlfriend obsessed with the royal wedding to the point of obsession? Does she watch Four Weddings and a Funeral over and over again on weekends? Does she post images of her high school pals and distant relatives getting married on Facebook for you to see? It’s a good clue that she’s thinking about her own wedding if she has “wedding fever” or is always talking about so-and-so who has recently gotten engaged or is organising her wedding.

Pay close notice if she favours a certain star. Following the styles that are popular with the individuals she follows will provide you with some nice engagement ring ideas and you can get engagement ring custom made accordingly.

It might feel like you’re attending a friend’s wedding almost every month after you hit a certain age. If that’s the case, your girlfriend is likely to have noticed as well, and she may have begun to wonder when her time would come. Examine her reactions to wedding invites and reading other people’s engagement announcements on social media. It’s a positive indicator that she’s thinking about it if she brings it up frequently.

She Continues to Discuss Your Future Together

If your girlfriend brings up future situations in discussion, you can be sure she’s thinking about your future life as a married couple. She may inquire as to how many children you envision having, discuss the possibility of purchasing a home together, or include you into her daydreams about exotic honeymoon destinations.

You may select an engagement ring and begin preparing your proposal once you know your partner is ready. You’ll feel more confidence when you propose since you’ll know your girlfriend is ready to commit, and you can simply begin to look forward to the rest of your lives together. Raffini Jewellers is the platform where you can get the most beautiful engagement rings custom made for your girlfriend. We also have mens wedding rings platinum. So get in touch with us and get engagement ring custom made according to your choice from us for your girl. For More Information Please Visit: