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Why Diamonds Are Precious

Why Diamonds Are Precious

Why diamonds are precious

There are few stones which are very rate and because they are rare that is why they are precious and heavy on pockets most of the people buy pink diamonds in sydney because of the special occasion and give it to someone who is as precious as the diamond and it could be anyone it is just the matter of feelings and money because most of the people cannot afford high luxuries and some of the people only wear gold and diamonds because they can afford if you want to cut a diamond and give shape to the diamond you need another diamond for it because it cannot be done without it though other stones can easily be cut with the tools. 

Why diamond is expensive?

Because diamonds are rare but this line cannot justify actually why diamond is expensive diamond comes from the stone which you may not find everywhere people have to work hard to get the piece of stone and they keep mining and after mining the stone there is a whole process and stages from which a stone get through then we can see the diamond if anyone can see the stone of diamond they wouldn’t believe it is a diamond because it is just a stone which turned into a diamond. Diamond is made up of the carbon which is the only element in it and diamond has gone through the heat and pressure so these are the steps. 


Many people believe in the stone and they wear stones according to their birth month because it reflects their personality and it is their believes that their birthstone is lucky for them if they wear birthstone it keeps them happy and diamond is the stone for the people who born in April, they can wear it and it is not necessary who are not born in April they cannot wear it they can wear it, it is just for the people who born in April diamond might lucky for them. 

Coloured diamond

Most of the people think that coloured diamond doesn’t exist or these diamond are not real though these not the true pink diamonds do exist, green diamonds can easily be available, the process of coloured diamonds is different in the diamond they add few chemicals to give them to the diamonds.


Diamonds are expensive and precious before buying pink diamonds make sure you are buying from the authentic place and do ask them for the slip in case of return or anything if you are looking for the company from where you can buy diamonds then RAFFINI JEWELLERS is one the best company from where you can buy the diamonds and trust them blindly. For more information visit our website: